Environmental Sponsor - Publix Super Markets, Inc.



  2. In 2001, Publix created Get Into a Green RoutineĀ®, a program for environmental responsibility. The program began with education and emphasis on energy conservation, and has extended to waste reduction, recycling, and conservation of other resources, including water.

    This program is designed to encourage environmentally responsible habits our associates can use at work and at home. As Florida's largest employer, we believe encouraging our associates to be aware of their consumption habits at home (as well as establishing policies at work) can make a difference.

    By The Numbers:
    Through Get Into a Green RoutineĀ® and other conservation projects like lighting and refrigeration improvements, we've saved over 1 billion kilowatt hours which equals a reduction of more than 760,000 tons of greenhouse gas (carbon dioxide) and enough kilowatt hours to power 84,000 homes for a year (assuming the typical home uses 1,000 kWh a month for a year).

    The program has helped us reduce companywide electricity usage by 9.6 percent in existing stores and by 23 percent in new store designs.

    Learn how our Green Routine is making an impact. View Pulix Video on Sustainablity

  1. Visit www.publix.com or http://sustainability.publix.com for more information.